Dartmoor Gliding News - Saturday 17th March 2018

Despite my prayers to the weather gods the run of poor weather continues. 2 weeks ago we had the "Beast From The East". Last week it was the "Pest from the West" and this week we are under threat of the "Mini Beast from the East" or "Beast from the East 2" ( sounds like a slightly dodgy sequel !! ). Can we please have the "Fun in the Sun " instead.

I had been watching the weather develop as the weekend approached as there was a chance of a day with easterly winds and wave conditions. In the event the wind was a little too far to the north and far too strong to be of use from the airfield which was particularly frustrating as the was evidence of extensive wave systems overhead and to the south and east of the airfield. Gliding is sometimes very character forming.

Part of the wave system as seen from Yelverton looking north towards Brentor
There were several members on the airfield attacking various tasks. Scratch and a gang were in the hangar where they had erected a scaffold tower to repair the leak in the roof. Success was reported which we will be able to judge when it next rains.

The uninspiring view of the looking east along the runway.
Over the last 2 weeks Scratch and Rick have been working on the simulator with the idea of improving the software. We were treated to Scratch's own monster computer which demonstrated what can be achieved when money is no object. Flying around a photo realistic landscape was awesome. Perhaps we have to request some club funds for computer upgrades. In the meantime, the simulator has has had a software upgrade to Condor 2.

Leaky pipe repairs with Mike and Rick
Last week's work list also included the repair of  several leaky pipes caused by the recent freezing conditions after which a trip was made to the east of the airfield  where the ML1 winch was serviced in place on the end of the runway the prevent any possible damage to the new track in the very wet conditions. This took real dedication. Thanks chaps.

Servicing the winch on the airfield in the rain. Outstanding
Any predictions for improved weather anyone?


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