Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 24th March 2018

Very low cloudbase with drizzle giving way to a period of more general rain. So not a flying day.

While traveling to the airfield today I was already planning this blog post ( what!! You actually plan this stuff?? I hear you ask). In my mind I thought that I could resurrect a very old, bad joke along the lines of " There's a hole in the runway but don't worry the committee are looking into it". This would be accompanied by a suitable picture; job done.  I was actually surprised to find that the aforementioned hole is now the site of a substantial sump, designed to direct water into the new drainage system ( and ruin my joke ) and that Scratch and Mike were busy finishing it off.

Mike and Scratch working on the sump while Ged looks on.
( Ged was to represent the Committee for purposes of the failed joke attempt) 
Meanwhile, down at the hangar, Rick was reassembling the mower ready for the new season. Now that's what I call optimism. Well done Rick.

The mower partially assembled
( Rick's hiding in the hangar with a very large pot of grease.) 
Just after lunch there was an influx of members as the committee assembled for their planned meeting which took most of the afternoon with us eventually leaving in the forecast steady rain.

The forecast for tomorrow is looking better.


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Guido said...

That is extremely impressive. Well done guys!!!