Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 29th April 2018

Once gain today gave us the opportunity to change ends to meet the forecast NE'ly (050-060) wind which, in the event didn't move much more than 5 degrees east of north. The wind strength, whilst not excessive, gave a north-south orientation to line of energy (see photo) and was sufficient to challenge our solo pilots (who flew dual).

Today’s lines of energy were N-S, as evidenced by some interesting ‘galloping’ cumulus.
Our One Day Course students were Sandria Lee, who flew with Pete Howarth, and Will Dearle who flew with Martin Cropper.

Martin Cropper presents One Day Course student Will Dearle with his certificate for the day’s flights.
As previously mentioned, our club pilots, Dave Downton, Ed Borlase, Joe Nobbs, Dave Westcott, Phil Hardwick and Martin Broadway, some of whom were taking the opportunity to requalify following the winter lay-off, found the approach, with its curl over from the north, quite 'sporting'.

 Pete Howarth gives visitor Sandrine Lee her pre-flight briefing.
Flights of the day were early on, with Pete Howarth finding a thermal to south of the site for himself and Sandrine Lee for 11 minutes, whilst Martin Cropper and Will Dearle found a thermal to the north of the site for a total of 18 minutes – so yer pays yer money and takes yer choice!

Thanks go in particular to our winch drivers Dave Downton, Phil Hardwick and Roger Appleboom, especially for coping admirably with simulated cable breaks in the crosswind.

Martin Cropper

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