Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 7th July 2018

Another hot day in this long run of lovely summer weather. The pressure remains high as does the temperature with the thermometer topping out at 29 degrees. The light breeze, such as it was, moved around from south east to south eventually settling to westerly by late afternoon but never stronger than about 5 knots. This was a little bit of a puzzle as the RASP forecast winds were from the north.

The airfield hiding in the cloud shadows from 3000 feet
Early on thermals were in the blue but as the day progressed some cumulus bubbled up to help to guide the soaring pilots. It was soarable right from the first launch but early on it needed some attention and a little luck to get away. By far the best flight of the day was by Mike |Jardine flying his Astir CS who was airborne for 3 hours and 12 minutes. There were several other flights around the hour mark.

Mike Jardine's view of the K8 while soaring over a very green looking Black Down
We welcomed 3 visitors today. Steve Butler, Anthony Pain and Ivan Kingdom all of whom enjoyed soaring flights with their Introductory Flight Vouchers. Each had a good chance to try out the controls during their flights. It has to be said that it was very hot in the K13, particularly after closing the canopy before the launch commenced. Perhaps I have gone soft and got too used to the air con in my car.

Steve Bultler and his granddoughter
Anthony Pain
Ivan Kingdom with Rick and the K13
Our thanks once again to Heather for her retrieve driving, and out winch drivers who were suffering in the heat in the GusLaunch winch which came back online today after an engine rebuild.

Looking at Roadford from the 3500 foot cloudbase.
A good day.


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