Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 8th July 2018

With high pressure and warm weather continuing, driving to the airfield it looked like another hot day was in store for us again. The usual crew of Sunday soarers set about setting up the airfield ready for flying.

Our one day student was Becky Woodward from Kingsbridge. Gliding was another adventurous sport to try on her list. Becky was a bit anxious about flying but some encouraging words from myself and also Colin Boyd saw her complete the days flying and by the end was able to fly the glider using all three controls, Well done Becky.

Becky ready to fly with me
Our other visitor was Richard Grigg who had a 27 minute soaring flight with Martin.

Richard getting ready to fly with Martin.
Our solo pilots Leith Whittington, Colin Boyd, David Westcott and Ed Borlase only managed circuits in the K8, although Leith did extend one to 17 minutes. David had earlier managed 33 minutes solo in the K13. Phil Hardwick managed 1 hour and 8 minutes in his Astir. The longest flight of the day was Roger Green in his Zugvogel. 2 hours and 39 minutes visiting Oakhampton, Roadford Reservoir and Plymouth. See pictures below.

Roadford Lake
Near Plymouth
Thanks to Phil, Dave and Roger for winching, although Roger didn’t fly. Also everybody else for their help running the field today. Just a reminder to everybody that during this hot weather we must all drink plenty of water and look out for each other throughout the flying day. Sun cream and hats also vital.

Peter Howarth

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