Dartmoor Gliding News-Salisbury and Back

What were you doing last Saturday? Glider pilot Richard Roberts was flying his Discus WL cross country from Brentor near Tavistock aiming to turn the Cathedral in Salisbury 174km away. As Richard was also intending to return to his home airfield this would have been a total flight of  348km.

Richard getting the glider ready
Great visibility on task
In the event he turned a little short of Salisbury as the area looked "a little soft" for a total flight of 284km after 4 hours and 15 minutes on task.

The task

His low point ( in both senses of the word ) was getting stuck for 35minutes over Crediton on the way home before climbing away once more to complete the task. The highlight of the flight for him was the view of Poole Harbour in the distance as the visibility was so good.

Poole Harbour in the distance

A great flight


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