Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 5th August 2018

With a forecast of light south easterly winds, the first task of the day was to change ends which was quickly achieved by Leith. Another Sunday with a small turn out of members, it was going to be a busy day for all looking after the visitors and keeping things running smoothly with the airfield operations.

Our visitors today were Doug Longman, Sam Charlesworth, John Hamlyn, Sam Charlesworth, Ian Sutherland and Peter Thompson. The first signs that soaring conditions were improving was when Martin took off with John Hamlyn and stayed aloft for 24 minutes.

Doug Longman with me.
John Hamlyn after his flight with Martin.

 Sam Charlesworth and Peter Thompson both had soaring flights of 22 minutes and 32 minutes respectively with me.

Sam Charlesworth ready to fly with me.
Peter Thompson having waited 12 months was rewarded with 32 minutes soaring.
Our last visitor Ian Sutherland had a couple of flights including one of 34 minutes with Martin.

Ian Sutherland with Martin.
Our solo pilots David Westcott, Ed Borlase, Dave Downton and Josef Nobbs all had soaring flights in the K8. The longest was 1hour 11minutes by Ed. Another leg towards his Cross Country Endorsement completed. Well done Ed.

Ed’s view of the airfield from 3000 feet.
Thanks to Dave Downton and Josef Nobbs for winching and retrieving between them all day. And thanks to all others for keeping the airfield running smoothly.

Peter Howarth

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