Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 22nd August 2018

A grey day with low cloud greeted the Wednesday flyers. I arrived at the club to find Heather rubbing down the paint work on the window to the right of the club hut door. I managed to find some wood filler in the hangar and set about filling some rather large holes in the frame. Heather did a great job painting the window whilst I optimistically decided to go and rig my glider because I thought I saw some blue appear over the airfield.

With the field set up with the Gus launch at the far western end of the field we took the K13 and club K8 down to the launch point. Rick arrived full of optimism and enthusiasm and as Rick and I arrived at the Launchpoint the cloud base dropped and the Dartmoor drizzle descended. The Wednesday crew found that the clubs newly renovated K8 came in handy  straight away….. as a shelter!

Surveying the cloudbase from the shelter of the K8 wing
The cloudbase remained reasonably low with no possibility of soaring so the day was used to practice launch failures and with a slight southerly wind this meant we quite often ended up retrieving the launch cables from over the fence. Heather drove the retrieve all day and did a sterling effort clambering over the fence and retrieving the cable. Where would we be without her? A huge thank you to Heather.

Barry drove the winch for most of the day until I briefly took over to give him a rest towards the end. Thanks Barry.

Everyone that wanted to fly did, albeit briefly to practice their eventuality flying.

Steve Fletcher

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