Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 1st September 2018

According to the Met Office today is the first day of Autumn. Other scientific disciplines list the start of Autum as the Equinox on September 22nd. Whatever the season really is, the endless high pressure systems of the long, hot summer seem like a distant memory. The SW is being crossed by a series of frontal systems rolling in from the Atlantic.

The Grey cloud stretched fom Horizon to horizon

Today's frontal system is a tightly curved occluded front. This has given us a light(ish) grey cloud sheet from horizon to horizon. In among  this cloud sheet were the wave and lenticular clouds often associated with frontal systems. These do not seem to offer any soaring possibility but I would need access to a motor gliding to test this idea. The wind is light to moderate from the SE going more southerly as the day progresses. Temperatures are still good around 20C. Easily tee shirt and shorts weather.

In the distance some lenticular clouds were in evidence
 After a quick change of ends to put the winch down at the east end and brnig the control tower to the west end, it was off to the morning briefing. The soaring forecast did not look good but there was a chance of some limited soaring later in the afternoon. So a training / practice day then.

With this in mind the 2 K13's and a K8 were prepared and taken to the launch point. Instructor Mike Jardine was looking after the club flying and I was looking after the visitor flying. Early on there was some signs of reduced sink rates which allowed circuits to extend to 9 or 10 minutes and as the afternoon progressed there were even some thermals to be found. The longest flights were Allan Holland in the K8 at 17 minutes, myself and visitor David Browitt in K13 G-CHXP at 18 minutes and Martin Broadway at 23minutes in the K8.

Our Introductory Flight visitors today were Gary Hine, Nigel Crane, David Browitt, Andrew Cutler and Andy Ball, all of whom seemed to enjoy their flights and trying out the aircraft controls.

Gary Hine looking thoughtful before his flights
Visitor Nigel Crane flew with Rick
Visitor David Browitt
Andrew Cutler flew with Mike.
Notice the clearer sky later in the Day
Visitor Andy Ball ready to go.
Out thanks as always to all the helpers especially Heather and Barry for retrieve and winch services before they departed towards distant airfields where Barry is checking out a prospective new glider. More news on that at a later date.

An enjoyable club day.


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