Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 16th September 2018

Driving to the airfield it looked like the weather was as per the forecast, which would probably be a day of circuits and bumps rather than any soaring flights. When I arrived at the airfield the chairman was already there opening the hangar and getting the quads out. We optimistically loaded the disco up and put a windsock up and checked the airfield setup for the day.

Returning to the clubhouse we put the kettle on awaiting for others to arrive. Whilst drinking our tea and coffee the Dartmoor mist descended on the airfield. So the chairman and I set about looking what jobs we could undertake. We decided to attack the fence trailer.

Before. Definitely in need of some TLC
After in it’s shiny new livery
After another hot drink we decided to carry on clearing the area behind the trailers. Now the Perranporth winch has been removed, we decided to move the Jantar trailer down to the east end trailer area. As it was a none flying day we then packed away ready to depart the airfield. Although no flying, there is always tasks to undertake at a gliding club. Hopefully better weather next week.

Peter Howarth

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