Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 2nd September 2018

The forecast was for a light SE breeze for the morning, so with the field already set up to launch from the west end of the field, the aircraft and winch were prepared to start flying. First launch was achieved at 09:47. Dave Westcott flew first with me for check flights after a few weeks away. After a couple of cable breaks and a power failure was declared clear to fly the K8. Similarly Ed Borlase also asked for a quick check flight as a confidence booster before he flew the K8.

Our One Day Course today was Craig Downton, nephew of The Voice Dave Downton. After his six flights he was starting to use all three controls. He left very happy and appreciated there was more to this flying than he thought. Overall he enjoyed the launches more than the rest of the flying.

Craig Downton ready for his course
The visitors today were Chris Beasley, Edward Gales and Lee Edwards. All enjoyed their experience flights, albeit short with no soaring today. They all left with smiles on their faces.

Chris Beasley
Edward Gales
Lee Edwards
After a longer ground run in the K13 and an aborted take-off by Colin in the K6 we were forced to change ends. We towed the aircraft to the east end and set up the gus winch to continue flying.

We welcomed back Roger Applebloom today after being laid up after his recent op. He undertook light duties manning the control tower and occasional retrieve, driving the quad. He also managed a quick flight in the back seat of the K13.

A visiting solo pilot from Culdrose was Lizzie Westcott (no relation to Dave) enjoyed a couple of flights with me to get used to our airfield and winch launching. She looks forward to returning again to eventually re-solo on the winch and occasionally fly at Brentor.

Lizzie Westcott ready to fly at brentor for the first time.
Carrying on the earlier eventuality training, Martin Cropper was given a couple of cable break practices which were well executed and talked through. We wish him well for his op and speedy recovery.

Solo Pilots Ed Borlase, David Westcott and Josef Nobbs all enjoyed flights in the K8. The longest was 10 minutes by ED in reduced sink over the winch until he had to move when the wings were levelled on the K13. Good observation ED. Leith also had his usual 5 minute circuits in his Dart.

Thanks go to Dave Downton and Phil Hardwick who between them chose to winch and retrieve all day without flying.

Peter Howarth

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