Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 11th November 2018

A small team gathered at the club on Sunday, the forecast was for South westerly winds and showers.

The field was set up and first to fly was trial flight visitor Janeta Clarke who visited with her experienced ex forces helicopter pilot husband.

Visitor Janeta waiting to fly
After 11 minutes aloft keeping ahead of the approaching showers we landed back at the field and then the showers arrived.

John O’Connell and I waited in the K13 But the weather worsened and with the wind moving South east ,gusting and with a horizontal wind sock I decided to call an end to the flying.

Back to the hangar
Next task was to rig the second K8 so we will now have two online shortly.

Getting FXB ready to rig
Almost done
Thanks to our ever optimistic members that turned up today to put a lot of effort in for what was a short flying day and for rigging the K8.

Mike Jardine

Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 3rd November 2018

With a frontal system on the way the weather started off badly and just got worse. Early on saw low cloud and near gale force, southerly winds. As the day progressed the cloud lowered even further and turned to drizzle which became heavy rain by the end of the day. So another non flying day.

Cleaning the mower
 Several tasks were undertaken. The tractors were brought down to the hangar apron for some TLC and the mower was pressure washed in preparation for the winter. Mike spent his day tidy up all the gorse, brambles and long grass on the western side of the trailer park as part of the drive to tidy up. The simulator had parts of the trim mechanism replaced.

Mike with chainsaw
Later David Archer and I spent some time working through Approach Control. We will be offering lectures as required throughout the winter.

Later in the day the committee met for their meeting during which it was decided to purchase Bob's K8 which has been on loan to us for some time. The members will now have a choice of 2 K8's to fly.

Hoping for better weather


Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 31st October 2018

Due to work commitments I arrived at the airfield after lunch where the team had everything prepared ready for the flying to commence.

The RASP was not looking good for the day but we got on with the flying programme. First up, two flights with Robin to work towards getting him current again. Next up was John Smith. John and I sat in the K13 waiting for a break in the clouds that had moved in from the South East.

The break never came and with a cloud base at around 500 -600 feet I called it a day and we moved to the warmth of the club house where new member John O’Connell tried his hand on the simulator under the watchful eye of Colin Boyd.

John trying out the simulator while Colin looks on from the back seat.
Thanks to all for the preparation.

Mike Jardine

Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 27th October 2108

What a difference a week makes. Last week we were flying in tee shirts and shorts. Today, even though initially we had a clear sky, the temperature was a decidedly chilly 7C. After allowing for the wind chill from the 15 knot northerly this was close to freezing and the assembled members were wrapped up in every layer they had brought with them. Personally I was wishing I had brought my Arctic cold weather suit; a lesson learned.

Sunny over the runway. Showers to the west. Wind across the runway
The northerly wind was strong and gusty straight across the runway, definitely out of limits for flying visitors which were reluctantly canceled for the day. The club was going to fly though so both K13's were readied and taken to the east end launchpoint. Instructors Rick and Mike proceeded to fly with all the memmbers who wished to fly including new member John O'Connell who is keen to experience glider flying in all it's facets..

HXP waiting in the sun. Shower clouds showing to the right (south)
Very quickly the were showers all over the local area but luckily these seemed to go around the airfield. Rick seemed to be well tuned in to the conditions. Twice he managed to find a thermal to whisk him rapidly to the 2000 ft cloudbase before being blown too far downwind. The first of these was a 19 minute effort with John Smith followed by 17 minutes with  David Archer. There was also some lift to be had from the north ridge but only relatively low down. The gusty conditions sensibly prevented too much exporation of this. MOst landings were on the stub runway.

John O'Connell with Mike in DMX
Take up the Slack
Lift off
Around 3pm we had had enough of the cold and, as all those who wanted to fly had done so, decided to return the gliders to the hangar.

We made the best of a difficult day.