Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 5th January 2019

A grey sky with little wind
High pressure is in charge of the weather. In the summer this would normally mean endless sunny, warm days. However, in the winter, this has meant a week of low gray clouds with some low temperatures. Today the wind was non existent for the most part. But the good news is that is was flyable so that is exactly what we did.

Looking good with it's fresh  paint
Earlier in the week. Working in the hangar.
The first task was to take the newly painted and refurbished Launch Hut to the east end. The refurbishment has been completed by many members over several weeks. The week's efforts have seen the outside repainted and some of the woodwork replaced. Many thanks to all those involved. This was not the only work undertaken this week. While we were on the airfield enjoying ourselves flying, Chris Matten was busy rewiring the standby generator. It is now fully operational. Thanks Chris. Rick (and Scratch?) spent the start of the day fixing a particularly stubborn fuel leak on the Red Discovery which eventually required the fuel pump to be partly disassembled to fit new seals.

Visitor Derrick waiting to fly
Mike seems happy to be flying with Mark
Up on the airfield we welcomed Derrick Rayne who was visiting for some air experience flying with me. The K13 was busy as memebers kept up their skills with Instructor Mike Jardine. CFI Mark Courtney was also flying with us today. He flew with Mike Bennett with the aim of Mike completing his Bronze C in the near future. Mark also flew with Roger Green as a prelude to Roger taking BI training this year.

Looking down at the runway from the SW corner 
Steve Raine looking into the distance.
A nice day with friends.


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