Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 30th December 2018

I drove to the airfield in thick mist and drizzle, but an optimistic forecast gave a possibility of flying early afternoon. The first two trial flights were cancelled as the forecast would not lead to the possibility of completing their flights. The last trial flight was asked to phone back later when it was known if there was to be any flying. Eventually, with regret,  it was decided it was a no flying day.

The gathered members, Richard Roberts, Roger Applebloom, Martin Cropper set about drinking teas, coffees and eating the minature stollen supplied by Roger.

We decided to inspect the state of the airfield and walked the full length of the airfield. Surprisingly the airfield was found to be in relatively good condition considering the recent weather.

On returning to the clubhouse it was decided to rearrange the hangar to make room for Colin to continue the aircraft maintenance in hand and to bring the launch hut from the far east end to store it in the hangar ready for painting should this bad weather continue.

Farmer Roberts Taking the Launch Hut to the hangar.
Roger lowering the weather mast
In the dry ready for painting
All that’s left to do is to wish all members and families a happy new year.

 Let’s hope 2019 will bring some good weather and soaring.

Peter Howarth

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