Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 6th January 2019

After some winch problems on Saturday, Scratch was at the airfield early to try and fettle one of the winches back to health. ML2 was soon roaring into life, but unfortunately ML1 is going to be off line for a while waiting for some air pipes and fittings to be sourced.

With only four members at the airfield to fly, it was decided that a K8 would be readied for all to fly. Accuracy of approach and landings was the order of the day. The target in line with the launch hut and on a line between the track and launch hut. This would avoid any retrieves and the next launch would proceed soon after.

So I was first up to set the standard. The first landing was spot on and the second a little undershoot, but still close enough for the cable to reach for the next launch. Martin was up next. Both flights resulted in a slight over shoot (5m) requiring the glider to be moved back to the launch point. Leith took the third set of cables. Both flights resulted in over shoots (15m). Last but not least was Roger. First flight over shoot 15m. Determined to do better he chose to land back at the launch point rather than hangar flying. This resulted in a slight over shoot of 5m.

Prospective member holding the wing
We had a visit from a prospective new member, Malcolm, who has moved to the area. He will return another day when we can introduce him to flying at Brentor.

Hopefully we will get a few more members out of hibernation and back at the airfield to do what we all want to do, fly.

A big thank you to Scratch for getting the winch up and running. Also Roger and Martin for sharing the winch duties. Eight flights and a good bit of fun, we made the most of the day.

Peter Howarth

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