Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 2nd February 2019

Saturday arrived with snow on the ground but yesterday's showers were things of the past and the morning greeted us with a deep blue sky. It was cold with a brisk NW breeze which was forecast to strengthen and veer to the north. The wind chill was character forming but even so a small but beautifully formed crew arrived on the airfield determined to fly.

Brentor Church in the snow
The runway had a light dusting of snow, the church was looking particularly picturesque and the higher tors to the east were blindingly white. The kind of day to make even an old industrial engineer wax lyrical.

Mike Jardine with Phil in the back seat
The day started with Instructor Mike Jardine flying with Phil Hardwick swiftly followed by Andy Davey in the K8 who tried to explore the north ridge for lift but could not find any usable lift. Enter today's visitors siblings Hanna and Jamie Le Coulliard who were keen to experience gliding for the first time. The both enjoyed their flights and left with smiles on their faces and Hanna promising to return for some more flying.

Visitor Hanna
and brother Jamie.
As the day wore on the wind strengthened and the K8 was taken off line. This lightweight glider is not at it's best in strong crosswind conditions but the K13 is and it continued to fly throughout the day. Late into proceedings Scratch made and appearance at the launchpoint to complete a couple of flights after having spent his day welding a new floor in the green tractor. Thanks mate.

The view from the top of the launch
The runway is easy to pick out looking plain white 
Everyone who wanted to fly did so but by 3pm the windchill and ever increasing wind strength finally beat us and we returned to the clubhouse for early tea and chat.

By the end of the day a lot of the snow had gone
A nice day with stunning views.



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