Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 3rd February 2019

A bright clear morning and light southerly winds forecast it was hopefully going to be a good days flying. So with only eight members slowly arriving it was decided to get a K8 out of the hangar and go flying.

Snow on the Tors of Dartmoor
Looking north over Blackdown
Most of the flights were of only of an average 5 minutes. Dave Westcott and Ed Borlase were pleased to fly solo and maintain currency. Leith and Steve Fletcher also had a couple of quick circuits. Roger Applebloom managed two extended circuits of 10 minutes. But flight of the day went to Andy Davey who found some lift and managed 18 minutes.

K8 returning
David Wescott getting ready to fly.
Thank you to everbody who shared the winching, retrieving and running the launch point. Eventually some light rain arrived and we packed everything away having all flown to keep ouselves current.

Peter Howarth

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