Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 7th February 2019

The inaugural 2019 Wednesday flying day started with thick fog and drizzle. Members who arrived were Mike Bennett, Phil Hardwick, Andy Davey, Steve Fletcher, Bob Sampson and Malcolm Wilton-Jones.

Mike and Phil set about preparing things for the on going groundworks around the airfield. Andy, Steve, Malcolm and myself went on a strop hunt on the north side of the airfield looking for the two that were lost on Sunday. We managed to find one. The othe we assume is in the thicker parts of the gorse. We managed to find two blue weak links, so along with the found strop and a partially complete strop from the hangar I set about completing two blue stops for use.

Soon Colin arrived, so we gathered all hands to rig HXP after it’s CofA. After a bit of heavy lifting and general directions from Colin it was soon ready for a test flight. All we needed was a clearance in the weather.

By mid afternoon things were looking brighter and we decided to give it a go.

Archive photo of HXP ready to fly.
First up was myself with Bob Sampson in the back seat to confirm ASI readings to test fly HXP. Going up the launch there was a difference between the two ASI’s. So we returned to the launch point. A quick look found a twisted tube to one of the ASI’s which was soon corrected. In the mean time Steve Fletcher took off in the K8. 

Unfortunately there was a problem retrieving the next set of cables and by the time they arrived the wind had changed direction to a tail wind. It was decided to stop flying and pack things away. HXP will need another test flight before it comes back on line.

Thanks to everybody who turned up today. Let’s hope for better Wednesday’s soon.

Peter Howarth

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