Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 9th March 2019

The weather over the last 2 weeks has thwarted all attempts at flying. Hopefully, this cannot last much lomger. On a brighter note the evenings are drawing out and the thermal soaring season is not far away.

Does the airfield resemble a ghost town? Tumbleweeds racing down the runway in the gale force winds?  No, not at all. The resilient Dartmoor soarers have been getting on with their projects.

Assembling the mower ready for the season
Honing skills ion the simulator
Always time for some soacialising
The bus being washed in preparation for it;'s conversion to a launchpoint
Looks like the aftermath of a school coach trip.
Have barrow, will travel
Phil compacting the new entrance road surface
The Zugvogel getting it's C of A.
Hoping for better weather soon.


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