Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 27th February 2019

Another fine day with light SSE’ly winds greeted the group of enthusiastic Wednesday soarers. The first task of the day was to prepare the airfield for the arrival of a visiting Cessna to use our field as a base whilst the pilot attended to some business in the local area. The windsock was put up and the hurdle fence removed ready for the arrival. We then set about readying the aircraft and equipment for the days flying. Flying started at 10:30 and our visitor arrived slightly later at 10:50.

Visiting Cessna parked.
Two private gliders were rigged, Phil Hardwick’s Astir (FCJ) and Steve Fletcher’s Open Cirrus (CGY). Robin Wilson was first to fly with me to blow away the cobwebs and try to get current again. John O’Connell carried on with his training. John Smith and Malcolm Wilton-Jones continued with their progress to hopefully re-solo soon at DGS.

Robin getting ready
RobiBob Sansom was last to fly with me, again moving towards regaining currency after his short break from flying. The K8 was flown by David Westcott, Michael Bennett, Allan Holland and Colin Boyd. Most flights today were only 4 to 6 minutes with the exception of Steve Fletcher in his Cirrus who managed a whole 8 minutes.
Our visitor departing at 13:15
Thank you to everybody who turned up today, winch drivers, retrieve drivers and general helpers.

Sorry That there are not many photos today, I must take more or ask for anybody who takes some to send them to me.

Peter Howarth

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