Dartmoor Gliding News-Monday 6th May 2019

Bank Holiday Monday dawned with clear blue skies and a fairly good looking RASP. The field was prepared with the Gus launch as far west as it could go giving an extra 1300feet of cable. So even with the light wind forecast good launch heights should be possible.

Rigging in action. The foreground shows the Zugvogel 3B.
Behind is the very rare Schleicher K10 
The clubs K13 and K8 were prepared for flight while several private gliders were rigged. Amongst all this activity the twin astir was towed down to the hanger for its Annual Inspection.

With rather flat looking cumulus forming the first launch of the day was Rick Wiles the duty instructor. Rick was soon climbing away before air braking back down to report very strong thermal activity.

Early in the day the flat looking CU marked some very usable thermals
Steve Lewis was next in the K13 with Tommy Daves ( Steve's granddaughter's other half) , Tommy enjoyed a good thermaling flight of 39 minutes.

Tommy and Steve soaring in the K13
Wafting along at 4100 feet
Mike Bennett was next to launch in the club K8 and was hoping to get a one hour flight which he judged to perfection landing after exactly 60 minutes nice one Mike.

Mike soaring in the K8 as viewed from the K13
Dene Hitchen (scratch) needed a 2 hour flight after launching in his Astir he was soon climbing away to the cloud base at about 4200ft and managed the longest flight of the day at 2 hours and 18 minutes.

A Buzzard soaring over the launchpoint
The Twin Astir then made an appearance after the successful completion of its inspection unfortunately condition had detreated and despite the best efforts of Phil Hardwick, Malcolm Roberts, Ged Nevisky and Martin Broadway they could not get away.

Twin Astir missed to best of the weather
During all this activity Rick also managed to fit in some training for club members including a few practice cable brakes.

Karon preparing tp fly with Rick

Thanks to everyone who turned up today and especially to the winch drivers you know who you are and Karon for manning the launch point for the majority of the day.

Overall a fantastic days flying

Andrew Davey

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