Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 5th June 2019

I arrived at the airfield and Hugh & Mike were already hard at work changing ends ready to fly. The weather forecast was for moderate westerly winds and turning to possible showers as the day progressed. After the morning briefing Colin Boyd arrived, so it was decided to derig DMX so he could start the C of A.

Robin Wilson was first in the K13. The first flight was a simulated cable break followed by a second real cable break. Both were well flown and Robin should soon be back solo. Next up was returning member Ian Woolley who continued to polish up his general flying skills.

K8 being brought back to the launch point.
Flying was interrupted by a passing shower where we sheltered in the launch hut and had lunch.

A crowded launch hut waiting for the rain to pass
Between showers Bob Sansom flew the K13 with me for 17 minutes. Also Steve Fletcher took a break from his filing in the clubhouse and flew the K8 for the longest flight of the day of 22 minutes.

Bob Sansom soaring at 2000ft.
Hugh Gasgoyne also flew the K8. The last flight before more rain arrived was Dave Downton who continued to hopefully regain his solo wings.

Thanks must go to John Smith who spent time in the hangar helping Colin, but did not fly due to the rain arriving. Also to Mike & Phil for winching, Malcom for retrieving and not flying. Hopefully better weather at the weekend and next Wednesday.

Peter Howarth

Peter Howarth

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