Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 12th October 2019

The westerly, oceanic airflow is firing fronts across the SW almost daily. Gone are the balmy, thermic days to be replaced by low cloudbases, gusty winds, and lots of rain. Today was not much better, but at least it was not raining, although the forecast suggested showers mid to late afternoon. The breeze was light southerly. The cloudbase was an issue initially but it did rise enough to allow some flying.

Initially we had to wait for the cloudbase to rise
Rather than spend the day on housekeeping tasks around the site, it was decided that, as Rick and I needed to fly together and were planning practice launch failures, the other pilots would treat themselves to the same.

Ready to launch please.
So this is exactly what we did and the day passed quickly with an array of practice launch failure keeping everyone current for the real thing. Our thanks to Instructors Mike and Rick for facilitating this and the winch drivers for instigating some very realistic power failures for us.

The two Mikes getting ready.
Meanwhile in the hangar, Scratch finished his work on the "new" Supercat winch which is now ready for service once more.

The clearer area to the NW stayed there most of the day

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