Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 19th October 2019

After a week of heavy rain (again!) a calm, dry Saturday came as a welcome  break. After a pitch inspection it was decided that we could fly if we were careful with the vehicles and maximise the quad bike use for towing the gliders around. There were only 2 gliders out. K13 G-DDMX and K8 G-CDK this will also help to limit any damage to the grass.
K13 ready to launch
A couple of adjustments were needed to the Supercat winch after the service to the fluid flywheel but we were soon progressing down the flying list. This was always going to be a day of circuit flying with little to no chance of soaring but days like this allow pilots to maintain their currency and the trainee pilots get lots practice in the circuit .

K13 on the wire.
The shower clouds were never very far away but it was dry while we were flying 

Even though the soaring possibilities were very low, the usual competitive spirit remained and instead of the competitions for the number of hours or vast numbers of  kilometers flown of the summer, success was measured by the extra minute added to the circuit. Longest fight of the day was a dizzying 8 minute marathon flown by the K13. Modesty prevents me from naming the pilot.

Steve Brady ready for his first flight
We welcomed two visitors today Steve Brady and Andy Ames both with a 2 flight Air Experience Vouchers. They seemed to enjoy their introduction to gliding and left with smiles.

Andy being briefed by Rick. 
Our thanks, once again, to all the volunteers without whom  gliding just could not happen. Special thanks today goes to Scratch ( Dene Hitchen) for the technical asssistance with the winch.


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