Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 28th September 2019

The forecast today was not very encouraging. Strengthening crosswind from the SW. Showers giving way to longer periods of rain by mid afternoon.

HXP waiting to go
First task of the day, however, was to de-rig one of the K8 for some maintenance as requested by Colin. Then K13 G-CHXP was prepared for the day's flying. It was already too breezy to field a K8 and there was definitely nothing to prompt the private owners to rig their own gliders.

The showers obligingly went around us until mid afternoon
While this was going on Scratch was fettling the "new" Supercat winch replacing the oil in the fluid flywheel. There were cattle in the top field so the winch was positioned on the west end boundary. This was always going to be tricky for the winch drivers with the cross wind and the winch's proximity to the downwind fence.

Heather returning to the airfield after recovering the cable which fell over the downwind fence
The flying turned out to be circuits but everyone who wanted to fly did so to keep their currency levels up. By 14.30 it was obvious that the forecast rain was approaching so the glider was returned to the hangar. Once back at the clubhouse Rick and Scratch used their time to make a short video showing how to align all the simulators monitors.

Scratch and Rick in video mode.
By the time we left the airfield the rain was heavy and constant.


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