Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 23rd October 2019

The early arrivals were busy coaxing the vehicles into life. This included the rare occurance of having to jump start the green tractor. With light variable winds it was decided to place the winch at the west end. The first two flights were Richard solo in the K13 and myself in the K8. This was to test the settings on the winch after some recent adjustments. After the successful test flights it was time to get on with the days flying.

K13 ready for the first flight.
First up was Dave Downton. After a circuit, simulated power failure and a low cable break he was allowed to re-solo in the K13. Well done Dave, we look forward to seeing the K6ezyjet on line soon.

Dave happy to be back solo.
The wind was now settling down with an easterly component, so it was decided to swap ends to continue flying for the rest of the day.
Our first visitor Peter Summers arrived. After the usual paperwork and safety brief by Richard, they were soon off into the air for Peter’s first flight.

Peter Summers and Richard ready to go.
Peter enjoyed his flights, which included a launch failure well handled by Richard.
Our second visitor was David Merrick who was fulfilling his Christmas present bought by his children. David left having enjoyed his flights and praised the friendly welcoming atmosphere he received at Dartmoor Gliding.

David and BI Richard ready to fly.
The launch queue was joined by Roger Green & Stephen Lewis with their Zugvogel. Our other solo pilots enjoyed flights of varying times. Flight of the day was Steve Fletcher in the K8 with 24 minutes. He said he only landed because he was counting the soaring fees and to let somebody else have a go.

The last trainee today was John Smith who had patiently waited all day whilst others around him flew. After a real low level break, circuit and medium height practice break which were all well handled, he was allowed to re-solo. This was his first solo at DGS. Well done John you got there in the end.

John ready for his re-solo and first at DGS.
Earlier in the day, our resident mad scientist was found trying to get what he thought was a drone to fly in the clubhouse:-

Barry can’t quite get this drone to fly
Thank you to Heather for retrieving and winch drivers for producing a smooth service of cables and launches. Also for everybody who kept things moving at the launch point.

Peter Howarth

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