Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 13th November 2019

The day started smoothly with a small band of members keen to set the field and fly before the forecast rain arrived sometime after midday. Although the forecast predicted south-westerly winds, the windsock indicated a definite easterly component. So we plummeted that the easterly component would stay whilst flying could be done and the winch was towed to the east end.

We were delayed in starting due to the delivery of the new shelter for the winch. The organised help to offload the pallet was not available so I had to go in search of Mr Stacy’s son to bring the forklift. This was soon done and flying could commence.

Pallet offloaded to await the next stage.
First up was John Smith. After a circuit and launch failure, he was allowed to add another solo flight to his total.

John returning to the airfield.
The solo pilots took turns to maintain recency with circuits in the K8. Steve Fletcher, Hugh Gasgoyne, Malcolm Wilton-Jones and Andy Davey managed flights of 4 to six minutes.

K8 returning past the K13.
We were joined by Robin’s friend and family, Mike Boyde. A power pilot who last flew in a glider 53 years ago. Steve Lewis took Mike for a flight ahead of the approaching rain.

Mike and Robin.
Thank you to Phil Hardwick and Hugh for winching and the couple of pilots who helped but were unable to fly due to the arrival of the rain. With the aircraft safely back in the hangar it was time for a warming cup of tea and coffee before traveling home. Only 8 flights, but most flew who wanted to.

Peter Howarth

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