Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 21st December 2019

The weather forecast remains grim. Today was calm in the morning with blustery, heavy showers later, giving way to longer periods of rain.  The airfield is very wet and even in the morning calm the southerly breeze was blanketing the airfield with low, orographic cloud.

Low cloud over the church
So on with the maintenance work. Scratch, assisted by Rick, had the welder out again to replace the inner gate post which was cut off on Wednesday to get the somewhat oversize container lorry onto the site. The gatepost was then finished off by Phil and Steve Fletcher replace the fence and signs which are attached to the gatepost.

Rick and Scratch working on the gatepost
Post. fence and signs all restored.
Steve and Phil also replaced the Airfield main gate sign which also had to be removed for the lorry. Meanwhile, Colin turned up to do a little painting on a glider wing. Malcolm and I took the opportunity to service the water drainage on the left hand side of the entrance. This entailed a lot of digging out mud and leaves, rodding through the pipes ( something the members seemed to find funny ?? ) and restoring the brick protection over the pipe ends.

Me sorting out the drainage ( Why was this funny?)
At this point it was decided that a tea break was in order but after re-emerging from the clubhouse it was obvious that the rain was only minutes away so it was a quick tidy up and the back indoors for lunch.

After lunch it was indoor work only which mostly entailed fitting the simulator with a new controller. After much fettling and a little swearing the finished controls are now silky smooth make the simulator even more realistic to use.

Rick  delving in the back of the simulator
The Simulator in action.
( A clue to the identity of the pilot is that he is flying from the back seat.) 
Today is the Winter Solstice so at least the days will start to lengthen from here. I could almost kid myself into thinking that summer is on the way ( Well at least it is downhill from here )


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