Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 11th January 2020

Arriving at the airfield, the southerly gale was roaring through the trees. This put paid to any notion of flying today.

Low cloud, wet and very windy
There was activity though. In the hangar, Rick and Scratch were scratching their heads over the non starting Supercat winch. After much investigation it was discovered that the bowl for the water trap was letting in air; any air in a diesel system will stop the fuel flow. After a little adjustment this was corrected, new parts were ordered and the winch was running sweetly once more.

Scratch praying to the god of diesel engines
The weather was not suitable to work on the Vehicle Hangar Project but some planning and measuring was conducted to convert the southern container into a new glider workshop

Mike concentrating on approach control
In the clubhouse, the simulator was in demand. Mike Bennet was first up honing his co-ordination skills with some local soaring. Next was Phil Hardwick who wanted to practice his BI patter with Rick building towards his BI course a little later this year.

Cannot do that in the air chaps.
Phil and Rick discussing BI patter
After all of this Rick gave a lecture on winch launch failures.

Rick in lecture mode

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