Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 18th January 2020

High pressure is definitely in charge of today;s weather. Clear blue sky with a light NNE breeze. It was cold with a frost. The Tamar Valley was shrouded in fog but this would not hamper us.

Looking west from north of the airfield.
Note the fog still laying in the Tamar Valley
 The airfield is still very wet after all the recent rains so a little care would be needed to make it flyable. The decision was made to fly from the west end but this brought up the first challenge. The launch hut was at the east end. It was decided that we could manage without the launch hut and the gold discovery was co-opted as a stand in launchpoint. The south side of the west end was very wet and would be cut up if we flew from there. Instead we launched from the north side and the aircraft would land further down the runway near to the centre track. The aircraft and cables would be moved on the track only and the cable retrieve truck would turn around on the track after having it's trailer removed. Sorted.

First flight was instructors Mike And Rick giving themselves a check flight.
K13 -G-DDMX returning to the launchpoint in the NW corner.

The day was filled with members either furthering their training, others having check rides but everyone trying to maintain their flying status. Generally flights were circuits in the very smooth conditions but as the day wore on the breeze strengthened a little and this switched on some lift from the north ridge which allowed some extended flights. Longest flight was by David Archer during his training flight who managed to extend his circuit to 13 minutes only landing so that he could take another launch to further his training goals.

K13 g-DDMX launching again
DMX on approach 
We welcomed 2 visitors today Dianchan Ee and friend Ian Jones. They both enjoyed air experience flights and left the airfield with smiles on their faces promising to return when the weather warmed up a little.

Dianchan  launching
Ian and Dianchan with parachutes ready to fly.
All in all we had a good day in very pleasant flying conditions.


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