Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 25th January 2020

The cloudbase today was barely above the trees but the airfield was busy with club members getting on with various projects.

The runway is still there (honestly)
On the roof of the the Vehicle Hangar, Mike and heather were wire brushing and painting one of the container roofs with a special roofing paint to preserve it against the future weather that only Dartmoor can deliver.

Mike and paint brush
Heather with a long handled wire brush

Outside the hangar, Phil and Rick were dismantling the power take off on the red tractor which has developed a fault apparently. Scratch was working on the replacement water trap and priming pump on the Supercat.

Rick attacking the power take off  with his favourite impact driver
In the hangar, Malcolm, Steve Fletcher and Mike Jardine were investigating the non functioning mechanical variometer in on of the K8's. This aircraft also had it's tailplane removed and the tailskid attachment bolt tightened. Colin was working on the C of A for K13 G-CHXP which needed new seat belts fitted. Colin was also supervising the K8 work.

The three musketeers working on the K8
Colin and Mike working on HXP
After lunch we all decamped to the clubhouse so that Rick could try out his lecture on the principals of flight us.

Rick in lecture mode.
A good effort all round


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