Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 19th January 2020

In order to operate safely and cause as little damage as possible to the field we took a leaf out of the Saturday crew’s book and set up the operation at the west end, north side of the track. The wind was ‘light airs’, really, but aloft there was a gentle north-easterly.

Yellow sky in the morning: pre-dawn light behind Sheep’s Tor.
 The Supacat performed flawlessly, delivering consistent launches to 1,100-1,200 ft. Peter Howarth and Dave Westcott got the show on the road: Dave, not having flown since October was in need of some check flights and, sure enough, discovered that the cable can depart prematurely and without warning if the instructor behind is feeling mischievous..! Peter then flew restoring currency flights with John O’Connell before Martin Cropper did the same with Robin Wilson.

Launch point set up in the north-west corner of the airfield.
First launch gets away, from a winch viewpoint.
In the afternoon we hosted the first of our visitors: Louie and Rhys Mulvihill, school-aged twins from Exmouth, who flew with BI Rich Roberts. Although some sibling banter was in evidence, both enjoyed their flights and tuition (well some would say ‘hard sell’) from Rich ad we hope to see them return very soon. On the second cable Roger Appleboom and Ed Borlase attempted to find some (very elusive) lift in the K-8, Roger winning the prize with a modest 8 minutes.

Junior Visitor Louie Mulvihill being briefed by Richard Roberts...
 ...and waving on return from his first flight.
Our final visitor was Akis (Akosh) Imets, a 13-year old from Dawlish Warren, who we hope will be returning to consolidate his first attempts with the stick this coming Sunday.  That left the field clear for Allan Holland, and also for Pete and Paula Howarth to continue on the latter’s path to re-solo.

Junior Visitor Akos Imets launching in the K-13.
 Akos and family after his flights with Martin Cropper.
 So nineteen launches on the 19th January – not bad for the second Sunday of the year. If we continue at this rate the 29th February should be interesting – a pity it falls on a Saturday..!

 K-13 DMX launching into a clear blue late afternoon sky (note the windsock).
Martin Cropper

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