Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 29th December 2019

The two early arrivals, Richard and myself checked the weather forecast with a cup of tea and coffee and then waited to see who else would arrive. Dave Downton and Ed Borlase joined us and after a look at the airfield we decided to get things ready to try and fly. With the cloud base looking a bit low, but brighter weather to the south we decided to wait and see if the cloud base would go up.

At about 11:30 things looked brighter, so I decided to take a launch to do a weather check. Unfortunately I reached cloud base at 600ft, so abandoned the launch and was soon back on the ground where we decided to wait again for things to improve. While we waited ML1 was started to make sure it is ready to run if required.

ML1 fired up.
Downwind past Brentor.
At about 12 o’clock I took another launch. Things were a little better, so after explaining to the small team that only quick circuits could be achieved, those that wanted to do so flew. First to fly was Ed Borlase, soon followed by Steve Fletcher who had joined us.

K13 at the launch point
K13 landing down the field

Both Dave Downton and Richard Roberts also jumped in the front seat to keep recency. Allan Holland jumped in the back seat for a quick circuit.

A full launch gave us this view.
Steve’s view of the approach whilst I was flying.
Even though we had a small team, Ed found time to visit the winch and start his training to become another winch driver.

Thank you to all who turned up today and enabled all to fly. All that is left to do is wish all members and their families a Happy New Year.

Peter Howarth

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