Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 29th January 2020

Firstly I must apologise for re-using some older photos in this blog. I found myself too busy and my other contributors were remiss in taking shots of the day. With the forecast giving today as the best day of the week we set about setting the airfield ready to fly. After checking the launch point at the east end we set the field up to launch on the north side and land on the south side as normal. Vehicles and glider retrieves were restricted to the track to limit any damage.

The front seat of the K13 was occupied by the collection of trainees who turned up in the fine weather. John Allan, Mike Bennett, John O’Connell, Dave Downton, Peter Mountfield and Robin Wilson all took their turns as I worked through the flying list. Our newest junior member Akos Imets returned to the airfield today keen to start his training. A couple of flights got him thinking about the difference in sensitivity of controlling the glider in pitch and roll.

Akos launching in the K13
Part way through the day I managed to get a different view of the airfield when Hugh jumped into the back seat to carry on preparing for his BI course and I occupied the front seat.

Thumbs up from Hugh.
The K8 was also kept busy with the solo pilots Phil Hardwick, Andy Davey, Steve Fletcher, Malcolm Wilton-Jones, Allan Holland and Hugh Gasgoyne. Andy managed a flight of 16 minutes, only pipped by Malcolm with a flight of 17 minutes.

K8 view of the airfield.
Thank you to the winch drivers who coped well with the crosswind and provided a smooth service. Also thank you to everybody else keeping the launch point moving efficiently. This enabled a total of 25 launches to be achieved which is very good for January.

Peter Howarth

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