Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 8th January 2020

The weather today was better than the forecast with no signs of the strong winds and the rain which was due around midday actually arrived very late in the afternoon. Cloud base was fairly low. Earlier in the week the call had gone out from Mike Bennett, the coordinator of the Vehicle Hangar Project, that we were going to install the roof structure today. This meant sacrificing any chance of flying today, which the assembled members were happy to do. ( It would only have been a few circuits anyway.)

Getting ready to work
The arrival of a Manatu forklift type machine and driver spurred us into action. The large "hoops" were lifted into place and bolted onto the spiggots on the container roofs. The container crews then installed the side purlines and the first of the diagonal wind braces. This was as much as we could reach from the containers.

Installing the first hoop
Getting on 
Bolting down the hoops.
Step up Mike who is an experience climbing instructor who proceeded to rope himself onto a platform on the Manatu and installed the 3 further rows purlines and some of the diagonal wind braces. Meanwhile the ground crew had sorted out and assembed the end framework.

Side purlines in place
The first of the diadonal wind braces
By mid afternoon we had had enough and wwork was halted for the day. All that remains to be done is to install the rest of the diagonal braces and attach the end frame after which the roof cover can be installed/ ( doesn't sound like much if you say it quickly ).

The end of a day's work
Many thanks to everyone who turned out to help

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