Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 8th February 2020

With the imminent arrival of Storm Ciara flying looked unlikely. However, arriving at the airfield the windsocks were limp in the almost still air. This was all the encouragement needed and K13 G-CHXP was readied for flight and the east end launch point set up.

HXP waiting to launch
... and then launches into the turbulent sky
By the time of the first launch the southerly breeze had already picked up which then strengthen as the day wore on providing "sporting approaches". With our East/West runway. crosswind approaches are not uncommon and this is a skill well practiced by all DGS pilots. There is a limit to this though and by 12:15 discretion became the better part of valour and HXP was returned to the hangar. Everyone who wanted to, flew with Instructor Mike Jardine who reported the flying conditions as turbulent. Thanks Mike.

Phil Hardwick looks happy to be flying from the back seat.
Looking south with a solitary patch of sun on the ground
Mike Bennett's  view over a dark countryside
( I'd recognise that hat anywhere ) 
Back at the generator shed, the Green Army ( father and son duo Barry and Roger Green ) completed the rewiring of the generators and by mid afternoon we were able to power the clubhouse with our choice of the two generators. This will allow Generator 1 to be taken offline for some much needed TLC to cure it's oil leak and later to allow both generators to run simultaneously with one powering the clubhouse and hangar and the second powering the Vehicle Hangar and workshops. Excellent work chaps - many thanks.

Roger and Barry outside the generator shed
So what to do now. Well luckily we were able to contact the other members of the Committee and we managed to start to planned meeting at 3.30. This still ran on until dark but we got a lot of work done.

Was that it? Not quite. Two of our instructs were at North Hill with our CFI Mark Courtney receiving further training on their road to Full Cat ratings.

  Here Rick (rear seat) gets underway with Mark in DSGC’s Perkoz.
We left the airfield with a gales already howling through the trees.


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