Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 7th March 2020

Another overcast miserable day and sodden airfield meant no flying again, but were the Saturday bunch down hearted? Disappointed yes but down hearted no, with so much to do working on vehicles and the shelter everyone set to work with the normal Dartmoor ‘can do‘ enthusiasm.

Scratch Phil and Rick continue to take battle with the red tractor pto!
They were kept topped up with tea by hard working Heather who also deep cleaned the club hut, what would we do without her. Rick, Phil and Scratch did manly mechanical things getting very oily in the process.

Mike doing a great job directing the work on the vehicle shelter.
Mike Bennet continued to drive forward the work on the shelter with help from Malcolm, Mike Jardine and myself. Dave Archer helped both teams.

Precise carpentry work ready for the cladding at the eastern end of the shelter.
Thanks to everyone who turned up knowing it was going to be more work and no play, great team spirit.

Steve Fletcher

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