Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 1st March 2020

Today, St David’s Day, the only daffodils in evidence were those daffy enough to ignore the forecast and venture through wind and rain to get to the club. 

“The beam bone’s connected to the noggin bone…”
 And today’s subject was…woodwork (of course). Both one of the new containers and the old one, being elevated above ground level present problems of accessibility, especially with large items, to which Chairman Rich Roberts’s solution is to build ramps of suitably sized timber.  Having obtained the wood (from sustainable sources) and cut it to length (with an ‘s’ – the two ramps being of similar width but different lengths), today’s task was to assemble the frameworks.  And hence chief chippy Rich, assisted by John Allan, Ed Borlase, Martin Cropper and Peter Howarth assembled the beams, suitably supported by noggins and fastened by screws long enough to reach the Tamar ready for the next event - cladding.

 Frameworks for the ramps lean-to in the container.
All of which was quite enough to drive us into the clubhouse for a well-earned brew and a few flights in the simulator where, appropriately, we launched from Lleweni Parc to explore the delights of the North Wales ridges.  In the afternoon John Smith arrived to continue work on the new launchpoint control tower roof, a substantial structure that will surely be more than equal to the ruthless weather we have been experiencing this winter.

John Smith surveying the new control tower roof.

Martin Cropper

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