Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 18th July 2020

The forecast was for low cloud until about 9.00 clearing up with the RASP telling us it could be reasonable soaring from about 11.00 onwards. Unfortunately the weather didn’t read the forecast and although we were all set up and ready to go by 1000 it was clear that the gloom and Dartmoor Drizzle wasnt going away in a hurry.

And what is in fashion for winch drivers this year?
Steve's excused was that the grass was wet.
After waiting for about 30 mins on a damp airfield with clouds at 100 feet at best it was decided we would return to the environs of the Launch hut and make tea.  Eventually the clouds parted and we got under way around 1130 but it still wasn’t soaring weather. Mike Bennet was first up and having dealt admirably with a practice break was soon in the K8 for a couple of circuits.

Mike pleased with his re-solo
Around 1.45 Scratch took the K8 and found some lift thoroughly enjoying himself for an hour.  I was next but I limited my flight to 16mins as I knew there was a queue to fly the K8 and time was getting on. Malcolm Willton Jones was next but by Malcolm’s standard did a short flight, the thermals were breaking up and it wasn’t even 4 o’clock yet.

Rick keen to fly again
John and Rick waiting to go
Rick continued training in the K13 with John Allan doing the launches and landings by the end of the day. Last up for a session with Rick was Dave Archer who managed a great flight, see picture of Dave brining the k13 back

Dave Archer returns ...
From an overdeveloped sky
By now the sky had over developed and all who wanted to fly had so it was time to  pack up with Rick taking the K13 for a flight and hangar landing it as the grey rolled in, see picture.
Steve Fletcher.


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