Dartmoor Gliding News-Monday 31 August 2020

This was day 3 of the soaring week which saw the weather improving early on and with the RASP being optimistic our hopes were high that the day would reward us with some decent soaring conditions. 

Having looked at the forecast 14 members turned up so there was lots of help on the airfield. 

The day starting with Scratch mowing yet more of the airfield, what would we do without him, thanks Scratch.

Early launchpoint looks leisurely

Things were picking up earlier than anticipated with Rick and John O’Connell taking the first cable and getting a 21 min flight straight away. Peter Howarth seeing this jumped in his Astir and showed the way with a 42 min flight.

Pick a cloud - any cloud
Steve's view from the Open Cirrus

Seeing how things were I pulled my Cirrus online and took the next Cable, a decent head wind getting me 1100 I went off to find where Peter was thermalling. Low down the thermals were weak but if you could get in and use it and be patient after about 20 mins I was at 2000 feet and now the thermal was really taking off with a consistent 6 to 8 up this took me to 3400 cloud base, I spent the rest of the flight catching thermals above 2000 often over the moor, but the sink in between the thermals was pretty awesome. Some of the thermals had been quite hectic with me often holding full opposite aileron just to stay in the thermal but wow what a ride.

The Twin Astir shares a thermal with the K13

Even the Concrete swan was performing well with Phil and Malcolm Roberts getting decent times.  Rick also flew with Dave Archer and managed 45mins in the K13 before deciding to get in on the action taking his Astir for a 54 min jolly. 

Dave Archer surveys the view....
...and what a view is was

While all this was happening a Discus appeared over the horizon, thermalled a few times and then went of on a 50k triangle, and this was after just flying back to Brentor from North Hill. The pilot, of course being Richard Roberts, who had flown to North Hill the day before via Salisbury! Incredible flying Richard, well done mate. 

SF27 waiting to go

Malcom Wilton Jones did more flying in the club's new SF27 looking at stall characteristics before going for a 45 min jaunt. Hugh and Mike Bennet took it in turns to fly their K6 and Ed Borlase flew his K6. 

Looking over Plymouth Airport.

Scratch had a great flight in his Astir, 1hr 7mins. 

Longest flights were me 2hrs 06 mins, Andy Davey in his Libelle who clocked up 2hrs 31 mins and flight of the day goes to Roger in his ASW 20 2hrs 37mins.

Steve Fletcher

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