Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 9th September 2020

 Obviously paying homage to the up and coming Premier League Football season restarting the week, today was definitely a game of 2 halves. All through the day, the weather was hopeless with very low cloud and a little drizzle just for added interest.

This did not deter the assembled members who got on with the myriad of tasks around the site. Roger and Richard Green spent the day rewiring the generator house to facilitate the new generator; a more complex and time consuming task than would first be thought. Richard had enlisted some help in painting the cable retrieve trailer and then establishing an spares cupboard in the hangar to hold the spare wheels and tyres and some de-rigging equipment. Mike spent his day on a much needed tidy of the hangar workbench and surrounding area. Heather cleaned the clubhouse once again. And me? Always a sucker for punishment, I rebuilt another spare tail wheel for the for the club fleet. For those who have never attempted this seemingly simple task, my advice would be "DON'T" just run in the other direction.

At 4pm the weather still looked absolutely hopeless. A call was placed to the evening instructors who were due to man the Air Experience evening today. They were adamant that the weather would clear before 6pm. And that is exactly what happened.

And suddenly the Tors appeared from under their cloud blanket
A sign of the times.
A hand wash station - airfield style 
Mike Jardine was able to fly our visitor, Chris Maciejowski who has been very keen to fly with us to see if becoming a glider pilot might be for him. Mike and Chris flew 3 flights; 2 circuits and a short soaring flight of 11 minutes ( where did that come from? ).

Visitor Chris with instructor Mike.
The airfield in the evening sun

He shoots! He scores! A game of 2 halves indeed


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