Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 25th October 2020

Turn a forecast on its head, and the result would have been today’s weather.  In a classic reminder to ‘never cancel a day’s flying due to the forecast’, RASP’s 900ft all day overcast inverted itself into a gin clear, showery south-westerly airflow with variable cloudbase and a teasing southerly crosswind at ground level.  So, who would want to fly in those conditions?  Well, anyone with the positivity to come in search of adventure at the club, of course..!

 Early morning cloud activity over the airfield.
After a short delay for some passing precipitation, Ed Borlase was first to launch, once again seeking to practice his field landing skills by taking K-13 CCY into the stub landing area, today on a southerly approach.  Adding to his competence and experience, these practices should prove to be of benefit next year when the aim will be to leave the comfort of local soaring for cross-country flying.  Ray Boundy took over from Ed, his aim being to regain crosswind competency after last week’s successful launch failure practices.  An aim well met in the face of some persistent challenging upwind sink between the clouds, and interfering downwind lift beneath them!  Amid all of this he met, adapted to and handled with confidence, particularly in the final stages of round out and hold-off.

 Ray Boundy launching int a gin clear sky…
…and returning..
…for a perfect landing.
With the afternoon clearance Karon Matten then settled into the front seat; sadly the crosswind being too strong to allow her to repeat last week’s solo performances. She did, nonetheless, manage to find some air rising from Tavistock (most of it courtesy of the rugby club) in order to claim Flight of the Day!  Peter Howarth then took time out from the winch to maintain currency following which, looking at our watches (the clocks having reverted to GMT (UCL)) the imminence of misting canopies led us to take a precautionary approach and get CCY back to the hangar in good time.

 Karon Matten carrying out pre-flight checks.
 – All Out...!
– Rotating…
.and rounding out, observed by spectators atop Brentor Church.
So once again, despite there being no soaring, there was nonetheless training benefit aplenty for all those who flew.

Rain interrupting play.
Graham Lobb, a founder member and good friend of the club,
paid us a passing visit today.
Thanks go to Peter Howarth for winching, and to Martin Broadway and Chris Matten for their assistance.

Martin Cropper

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