Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 7th October 2020

Depending on which forecast you studied, the rain could arrive anytime after 11:30. With a clear blue sky we started preparing to fly to make the most of the day. The K13 and SF27 were DI’d and towed to the east end launch point.

First to fly with me was John O’Connell. After his recent course at Aston Down he was keen to get back in the K13 after flying a K21. He soon settled back in and with a few prompts around the circuit and approach successfully landed the K13. By the third flight there was no prompts and he was very please with his flying.

John happy with his flying.
Later John had another three good flights in slightly more testing conditions after the wind increased and had moved around towards the south.

In between John’s flights, Steve Fletcher took to the front seat for a couple of cable break practices. So after two long walks he was happy to have refreshed himself with this very important part of the flying syllabus.

The SF27 was kept busy with the solo pilots. Steve Fletcher, Phil Hardwick, Barry Green and Malcolm Wilton-Jones taking turns. Hugh Gascoyne was briefed by Malcolm for his conversion flights.

Hugh ready for his conversion flight.
Whilst we were all making best of the better conditions than forecast, a team were busy in the hangar. The new K13 was weighed and rigged ready for the CofA/ARC to be completed.

G-DCCY being rigged
G-DCCY all rigged.
The next problem was to see if three K13’s, a K8 and SF27 could be shoe-horned into the hangar. The hangar was cleared as much as possible including moving the Zugvogel into storage in one of the containers.

A nearly cleared hangar.
Five gliders neatly arranged.
One of our pilots found time to enjoy his lunch in between all the flying.

Andy Davey enjoying his lunch.
Just in time with all the aircraft neatly arranged in the hangar, the rain arrived. Thank you to all at the airfield today. We made best of the better weather and good work was also achieved in the hangar.

Peter Howarth

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