Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 1st November 2020

 As low-pressure systems continue to barrel in from the Atlantic, our photo of today’s windsock and general viz tells its own story: today was to be a ‘no fly’ day from start to finish.  

Early morning mist enveloped the airfield.
So what to do?  Well, it turns out that Rich Roberts had a shopping list of tasks which he’d prepared earlier, and promptly enlisted the help of Chris Matten and Ray Boundy to get accomplished.  These included: moving the K-13 open trailer and SF-27 trailer to the east end storage area, hanging two K-7M tailplanes on the sides of the storage container (ex-workshop) to make space/keep them secure until they can be refurbished and the installation of a shelving system in the new container workshop to allow materials to be stowed safely.  

All this, with suitable breaks for tea and doughnuts, took until about 2pm, at which point we thought it safe to go home and claim a few brownie points for not having spent all day at the gliding club.

Martin Cropper

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