Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 12th December 2020

 The first problem today was the weather forecast. All of our usual sources had something different to say with wind strengths somewhere 8 and 20 knots with maximum gusts between 15 and 35 knots????  Most agreed that there was the possibility of showers. The second problem was the somewhat saturated airfield. The decision was to leave the K8 in the hangar in case the higher wind forecasts proved accurate and to field two K13's, CCY and HXP. These would launch from the hard pad to the south of the east end and land one to the north and one to the south close to the east end boundary to avoid the wet areas beyond.

Dartmoor majesty - even with the shower
Gavin taking some backseat practice with Mike
We are all used to seeing people behind perspex these days.
John Allen waiting for his training flights

The day was filled with circuits, punctuated with showers ( more like monsoons ) and rainbows. It was also cold leading to various cold weather overalls and woolly hats. The flights consisted of a mix of training flights,  rear seat practices for the more experienced or currency flights - these are important at this time of the year - we want to remain ready in expectation of some easterly winds and wave flying.

CCY launching again.
Rainbows to the left of them...
Rainbows to the right of them...
Into the valley of winter flew the 600 ( poetic licence with that bit )
And what of those diverse forecasts?  There were a lot of showers. The wind on the ground was 6 to 8 knots during the lulls with gusty 15 knots as the showers came through so to some extennt all the forecasts were right.

Recovering CCY at the end of the day
Socially distanced and sartorially inellegant.
The reality of winter gliding 2020

Thanks to everyone who helped make this day a success especially Heater who spent the whole day on cable retrieve again. 


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