Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 9th December 2020

A light variable wind made the decision to set the airfield to fly from the east end. As always this gives us  more options for flying if needed. To minimise movements on the airfield and only the K13 and K8 needed we decided to adopt Sunday’s field layout. The K8 taking off and landing north of the track and leaving the K13 pilots to do as they please on the south side. First launch was at 11:06. The only real question was when would the rain arrive during the afternoon.

K8 & K13 in position.
John Smith was the only trainee requiring the K13 today. First two flights were well flown circuits and his third a high cable break practice. After a break for lunch John was back in the K13 with me. Following a power failure, low down cable break and another well flown circuit he was allowed to re-solo with two more circuits in the benign conditions.

John getting ready to re-solo.
Elbow bump congratulations.
Meanwhile the K8 pilots Gavin Short, Steve Fletcher, Phil Hardwick, Malcolm Wilton-Jones and Barry Green took turns to fly circuits and practice spot landings.

K8 off again.,..
....And returning.
K13 on approach.
With everybody having flown, Martin Broadway and Mike Jardine were lined up to hangar fly the K8 and K13 respectively. Unfortunately the rain swept in quicker than expected, so it was decided to tow the aircraft back, dry them off and stack them safely in the hangar.

Thank you to everybody who were at the airfield today and Heather for retrieving including a couple of trecks into the adjoining field to retrieve cables after the cable break practices.

Peter Howarth

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