Saturday 22nd December 2012

Another Amber Alert from the Met Office. Heavy rain, flooding, low cloud and fog. Great.

The DGS trout stream in  full flow.
So while we weren’t flying Ged and Rick worked away at fitting the new radiator to the Guslaunch winch. Thanks chaps, I know that the conditions you were working in were really poor; cold and wet.

The cold and wet conditions managed to give Ged an "etherial glow"
Meanwhile. CFI Don, instructor David Jesty and myself set about putting the world to rights in front of the roaring log burner. After threatening to correct all the text books on the dynamics of winch launching we went on to brainstorm possible costs and benefits surrounding replacing winch equipment.

The only flying today was me in the simulator, practicing my ridge racing skills. 68km flown in 33 minutes i.e. average speed 101.2 knots. So the challenge is on; beat that if you can.


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