Saturday 29th December 2012

The weather is still wet. The usual story of high winds, frequent showers and a saturated runway continues although the forecast is suggesting high pressure conditions from next Wednesday. Readers who have been following my recent fascination with the Met Office warning colour scheme may be interested to know that for Monday in the Highlands of Scotland there is a “Yellow Warning for Snow”. I think we all know that you shouldn’t eat yellow snow. Perhaps their system needs a rethink.

Work on the Guslaunch winch continues even in these poor conditions. By bringing out the two Landrovers, the team can just about create enough space in the front of the hangar to give themselves workspace out of the rain. It is still windy, wet and cold though. I am sure we all owe them our thanks.

In the clubhouse, Will Wilson was preparing for his Navigation and Field Landing exercises planned for next Wednesday using the motorglider at Shenington ( weather permitting ) to complete his Cross Country Endorsement.

The day ended with beer and chat with friends in front of the woodburner.


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