Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 4th November 2015

Cloudbase today was 700 feet above sea level. This is a bit of a problem as the airfield is 820 feet above sea level. Brentor sat in the cloud ( or is that fog ) all day. The only good point to this is that the runway did not receive the deluge of rain which was coming out of the clouds at lower levels.

So a wasted day then? Not a bit of it.

CFI Don Puttock was in fine form today delivering the ground training for our potential new Introductory Flight Pilots. This was followed by discussions training techniques and some encouragement for Jorg Beasley to study for his Bronze C exam.

Don in Lecture mode
Elsewhere saw the delivery of some much needed materials track maintenance. This work can start soon. The most important item today was Ged delivering and fitting a new grate for the woodburner.

A training day completed in the clubhouse.


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