Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 13th February 2016

A cold dry day ( at last ) but a quick inspection of the airfield showed just how wet the runway is. It is wetter that any of us can remember so today was a non flying day. This was particularly disappointing as Barry and Heather had travelled up especially from St Austell to help with the winch and retrieve. Our thanks for the offer and your efforts.

The fleet waits patiently in the hangar for better weather
Is the airfield quiet? Well not really. Today saw the end of the Fencing Project. The north and south fences have been replaced by contractors. This project is important from a safety point of view and will help keep the farm animals from the adjacent fields from straying onto the runway. Our thanks to Jorg and Steve for their handling of the contract and of course a big "THANKYOU" to the Lottery for their funding assistance.

Some of the contractor's equipment
This machine is used to drive in the posts
A large part of the job was removing all the old fence
and the gorse from the fence line
We now have a couple of thousand metres of new fencing
Today also saw the start of the Workshop Project. The plan is to build a new workshop a the rear of the hangar to provide the warm, dry and well lit conditions required to repair our aircraft effectively. Again, perhaps this does not sound too exciting but this is a vital upgrade to the club infrastructure.

What we need now is several days of windy, dry easterlies to dry out the runway.



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